Career Development original

PATH 2 WORK Employment Programs   

Four sessions/Four hours each. Each session can be taught separately or with other sessions. Time needed varies according to number of participants.

Session I: Setting the Stage

  Introductory activities and a discussion of the current employment situation.  Research-backed techniques for improving communication confidence.  Coping with rejection as part of the job search.  Overview of the job search process and use of technology/internet.  We employ a variety of classroom techniques including lecture, group discussion, practice exercises and one-on-one assistance.

Session II: “60-Second Me” and Networking 

 Participants will identify achievements, skills, and strengths to paint a brief verbal picture of themselves, called the “60-second me”. Appropriate communication techniques and uses for networking are discussed. Students will learn how to use Linkedin, the social media platform for professional networking.

Session III: Resume Writing and Job Search 

This session provides participants with tools to effectively search for jobs in today’s job market.  Participants will learn how to write an effective resume and cover letter as well as fill out job applications appropriately.  We also cover company and salary research, and time management during the job search.
Session IV: Owning the Interview 
In the last session, participants will learn the necessary techniques for successful interviewing.  They will acquire interviewing self-confidence, understand how to be prepared for the interview, and learn how to make the best impression.  Students will learn how to answer the tough questions.  Participants will practice interview situations and receive feedback from the instructor.